Monday, April 15, 2013

Visit to Foodswings in Brooklyn, NY.

The Vegan Heart Attack Burger from Foodswings in Brooklyn, NY.

I finally got to visit Foodswings  (a vegan joint hailed for epic fast food and home to purveyors of midnight munchies and a cure for morning hangovers!) and it definitely lives up to its name. I spent way too long trying to figure out what to get because I sat there and I’m like “this is the first time I’m eating at a vegan place and I’m going to get a burger?!” As a vegan or a vegetarian, you know how it is at every restaurant it’s the same thing all the time, veggie burger after endless veggie burger! Haha. Even with that in mind I decided to get the vegan heart attack because well when in Rome! It reminded me so much of something a meat eater would eat so I decided to try it plus my boyfriend (who is a meat eater) thought it sounded the best and probably thinks it’s funny to watch me eat something so reminiscent of regular burger.

The Vegan Heart Attack is a seitan burger topped with soy cheese, soy bacon, pickles, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce and onion served with a pickle and coleslaw and it is a monster! I want to like it SO MUCH and while I’m sure any other vegan would, I’m just not into the soy everything thing plus the burger was a bit on the mushy side and fell apart completely as I was eating it. It’s a great one or two time indulgence when you’re in the mood for a quick lunch or dinner but not something I could consciously eat all the time but hey it is meant to be fast food!  

The Metal Fries on the other hand were soooooo good! I could eat them forever and I may sound hypocritical because there’s soy cheese on them but ugh they were so good. I’ve watched people eating cheese fries for so long in front of me that I just had to try them! The metal fries are topped with a cheese sauce, buffalo sauce and bleu cheese dressing and my boyfriend just about demolished them in seconds. If you're planning on heading over there anytime soon definitely try the metal fries!

Out of everything at Foodswings my absolute favorite buy was the Butterfinger Milkshake! Gah, I want another one just thinking about it! The first sip I took was rich, smooth, chocolaty goodness that is so reminiscent of dairy that I was slightly worried whether there was some in there! If there’s any reason to check out Foodswings it’s their milkshakes, they are to die for! I definitely plan on taking a trip back there to try another flavor or maybe rather…….every flavor!  Marry me, Butterfinger Milkshake!

If you’ve been searching for a mecca of some serious vegan fast food grub bordering on the flip side of a carnivore’s heaven check out Foodswings because they’re delivering just that! Check out their website here!

See you soon, Foodswings! (I’ll definitely be back.)

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