Monday, March 11, 2013

Review of The Vegg, A Vegan Egg Yolk Alternative


I’ll be honest I never thought I would be using The Vegg because I never really seen any use for it but I decided to try it out!

How It Works: The way the Vegg works is that depending on the amount of “yolks” you need to have to blend with a food processor or blender until well combined with water. For 2-3 egg yolks you process it with ¼ cup water and the second it starts mixing, the smell of eggs is well pronounced, so much so, that it makes you a little bit uneasy to use it! It becomes a gelatinous mixture similar to egg yolks.


Flavor: On the flavor aspect of it, there really isn’t any at all but I figure that because it’s not really meant to be used to replace flavor but rather  the texture and use of regular egg yolks. I’ve seen pictures of people  eating it plain but the ingredients are basically nutritional yeast and sodium alginate so I can’t see it having much flavor.

Texture: Like I said in the how it works section, when blended with water or milk it becomes very similar to that of egg yolks which is why I think it works well in replacing them and is one of the main pluses for the product. 


How I Used It:  I decided to try it out in three ways; in a key lime pie, French toast and in the infamous chickpea flour “omelet”. When I used it with French toast, I followed the recipe on the package and while it creates a French toast base similar to regular French toast there was no distinct difference in the final product. I did find that it took longer to brown the French toast than usual but that could have been because I didn't use stale bread. For the Key Lime Pie, it was very easy to use to replace the egg yolks and there was no worrying about scrambling the eggs in any way which was great. In the chickpea omelet, I used it to try and create a more egg like texture to it and I think overall I don’t like the texture of the chickpea omelet which had nothing to do with the Vegg at all.


Good Points: The texture is very much like egg yolks and I can see it working well in replacing them in custards and also easier to work with because you don’t have to worry about the “egg scrambling”.

Bad Points:  I really didn’t see any flavor difference in any of the ways I used it or any distinct difference in the “creaminess” in the final product so I wasn’t really wowed but my boyfriend thought the key lime pie was more creamier than usual. He thought it brought a more sturdy pudding consistency to it. It is also kind of annoying having to blend the product in the food processor before using it every single time because it specifically states “must not be blended by hand” on the package so that can be tiring. I find it to be more of a product I would use sometimes when I definitely need to replace egg yolks rather than something I would use all of the time. I do think I need to try it out in more egg based recipes before giving my final opinion on it though! I'll update you guys if my opinion changes!

- Alexis ♥

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